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Mark Clemmit



20 years ago I remember standing outside my BBC local radio studios, shaking with nerves as I embarked on my career in broadcasting.  I had no journalistic background, no qualifications and no real understanding of the skills required to make it to the top of the BBC. 

The pep talk I gave myself that day helped but, looking back, my performance was far from perfect. However, overtime,  I’ve made it my business to learn everything I could about the art of communication and apply it every time I perform. 


With my involvement in TV, radio and live events, I want to use these techniques to help you become a more effective communicator.


My bespoke coaching and mentoring sessions explain how to manage fear, uncover effective presentation techniques and practical coping strategies that can be applied immediately.


These sessions are based on my real-life practical experiences and entirely around a client’s own agenda. 


So if you want to advance your public speaking skills, prepare for either an important presentation, media appearance, or maximise your interpersonal impact, I will help you learn:

  • Coping mechanisms to deal with nerves

  • The importance of being yourself

  • Planning, preparation and practice

  • How to structure your words to make maximum impact

  • The advantages of story-telling

  • Balancing structure and spontaneity

  • Using the voice to provide presentation colour and emphasis

  • Elevating delivery with the right eye contact, body language and gestures

  • Utilizing techniques to enhance your interpersonal and working relationships 


I believe that great presentation skills are not only the basis of professional success, but of life itself and can be developed just like any other area of expertise.

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