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Mark Clemmit

I help people tell their stories...
TV & Radio Broadcaster, Event Host and Presentation Coach

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“He does it brilliantly. I hope people appreciate how relaxed and open he makes his guests feel”
Gareth Southgate, England Manager


Mark is hugely empathetic with both his audience and interviewees, matched with the sharpest of journalistic minds.

Alistair Campbell, Writer, Communicator, Consultant, Strategist and Mental Health Campaigner


Roberto di Matteo, Italian Professional Football Manager and Former Player

Clem's presentation and research about his guests means, he's good at his job, he it easy for them


Sharona Friedman, President of GIS

Mark Clemmit’s on-stage and behind-the-scenes professionalism has brought a gold-standard polish to UCFB’s flagship conferences in the UK and across the world. 


Major Events International

A virtual event, 55 speakers with a dual live-stream - with 1150 delegates worldwide over a 3 day period! Clem was having to hold things together for us. He did so with great charm and professionalism.


League Manager's Association

Whilst hosting a number of from conferences, to masterclasses and networking lunches, Mark has  an ability to distil complex ideas into digestible learnings. An invaluable tool when comparing elite football management to successful industry. leadership

What People Say...

TV & Radio

For many years Clem was the match day reporter for BBC One's The Football League Show, where he built up a reputation for his entertaining behind the scenes features.

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Presentation Coach & Events Host

After presenting many hundreds of TV and radio programmes, numerous live events in front of thousands of people and conducting 

countless high-profile interviews, I want to use these techniques to help you become a more effective communicator. 

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