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Presentation Masterclasses

It doesn't matter how talented you are in your chosen field, if you can't communicate your vision or sell it to the people you are working with, whether in large scale or intimate gatherings, you have a real problem. 


My bespoke Masterclasses are based on nearly two decades of high level communication and presentation experience with the world's most famous broadcaster; the BBC.

Whether pitching an idea, selling ourselves or having a casual conversation, we are all constantly communicating. How well we transmit and receive information comes down to how good our communication skills are.


I believe that great communicators have the ability to strike the right tone, adjust to their audience and place as much emphasis on how they make people feel, as the actual words they use.


Yet public speaking is regularly identified in surveys as our number one fear.

My Masterclasses concentrate on three core elements:


  1. The Art of Public Speaking

  2. How to Deliver Effective Presentations

  3. Maximising Our Interpersonal Communications


They cover a wide range of core skills:


  • Learning to work with nerves 

  • Being yourself 

  • Planning, preparation and practice 

  • Having a clear purpose and knowing your audience & their expectations 

  • The balance between structure and spontaneity 

  • The importance of storytelling

  • How we use the voice 

  • Enhancing our delivery with the right body language, eye contact and gestures

  • Personal Branding & Presentation 

  • Building rapport, empathy and active listening skills

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